Artist Development Coaching

Artist Development Coaching

Building a technical framework for creative freedom

Face-to-Face and/or Online

Christine and Sharon work closely with established and up-and-coming vocalists and recording artists in all aspects of vocal and performance artistry.

Having experienced the rigours of international touring and promotional schedules, Christine and Sharon meld this experience with their technical skills to ensure their singers are confident and prepared for the vocal demands of the industry.



Artists We've Coached

Lucy NevilleLucy Neville
Sharon is a wonderful teacher for many reasons, one of which is unparalleled industry experience. As an artist working within the music industry, it was game-changing to have an honest and insightful guide to help with vocal fatigue from shows and sessions, as well as uncovering my tone and unique sound. She developed my range significantly, and held my hand through some trying times as a vocalist, artist and friend.
Golds aka Amali GoldenGolds Aka Amali Golden
Shout out to my fab vocal coach and great pal Sharon Muscat, the most encouraging, knowledgable and supportive teacher I could ask for during a period where vocal issues were getting in the way of my creativity and I had stopped enjoying singing. The joy is officially back. If you’re looking for a vocal coach she is it!!
Random Soul - YogiRandom Soul - Yogi
I had the beginnings of vocal nodules many, many years ago. Vocally, I had always struggled with consistency and reliability for gigs or studio sessions. After having just a few lessons with Sharon, I noticed almost immediately that my range was increasing, quite dramatically. All the notes I’d wanted to sing up high were now effortless for my voice. Tonally, it was way more consistent too, throughout my new found range. I also noticed that after a few years of seeing Sharon for coaching, my voice had become a lot more reliable than it ever had been. I don’t have ‘morning voice’ anymore and am able to sing any time of the day of night with ease, whether in the studio or live. Even when I’m sick!
Gemma StoneGemma Stone
As someone who has been singing for 20 years, I would highly recommend Sister2Sister school of singing to any singer, beginner or professional. Since I was nine years old I have been training my voice, so I have learnt to develop an ear and a feel for what is great technique and what is poor technique. When I started lessons with Christine, I knew right away that the vocal exercises she is teaching me are of high quality and that she has exceptional knowledge of correct and relaxed vocal placement. This is very comforting to me and I’m very excited to continue lessons with Christine to further expand my technique and develop my voice so I can continue my career as a professional working singer.  
Jess KentJess Kent
Thandi PhoenixThandi Pheonix
Chelsea WarnerChelsea Warner
Joel BurtonJoel Burton - “Tenderfoot“


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Artist Development Coaching

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