Music Lessons for Kids

At Sister2Sister School of Singing, we offer a variety of music lessons for kids. Catering to primary school and secondary school-aged students, our professional and qualified music teachers offer a variety of singing classes and musical instruments to help guide and develop the music skills and abilities of all children.

Is your child in preschool? We also offer our Little Sister Little Mister program for preschool children emerging into the world of music.

Music Services for Primary Students

Musical Instrument Lessons for Teenagers

In primary school, children are introduced to music education. An essential element, it has been known to enhance brain function in primary-aged children. To complement and encourage their musical abilities, we offer various classes that are suitable for children aged 5 to 11 in a safe and fun environment.

Singing Lessons for Kids

Our singing lessons for kids are designed to cater to all levels and abilities in this age group. From beginners to experienced singers, we can help students explore and develop their singing techniques, using appropriate materials and techniques for primary-school children. Our aim is to help them explore and develop their singing techniques, build confidence and improve their overall performance.

Musical Instrument Lessons for Kids

Primary school is the perfect time to introduce children to a musical instrument. We can help primary children with various musical instruments, providing lessons for popular instruments for guitar, drums, bass, piano & saxophone. Our highly-trained and qualified music teachers can introduce an instrument and help your child build their confidence in performing and general knowledge.

Music Services for Teenagers & Secondary Students

Sister2Sister singing lessons

Secondary students will continue their music journey when transitioning into high school. Students may want to dive further into art, looking for additional instrument training or wanting classes to one day guide them into a career in the field. To serve teenagers aged 12-18, we cater to this age group with various music services.

Singing Lessons for Teens

Many teens are interested in singing as a hobby or profession once they hit high school. We provide a range of specialised singing lessons for teenagers looking to develop their vocal abilities and refine their skills. We offer one-on-one private lessons, semi-private classes and group vocal assemble courses for all levels and abilities to help build their skills and performance capabilities.

Musical Instrument Lessons for Teenagers

Perfect for members of the choir or students undergoing their HSC exams and trials, we serve various musical instrument lessons for high school-aged students. Working closely with our qualified and experienced music tutors, we provide lessons for instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, piano & saxophone. We also offer HSC preparation and tutoring to help students prepare as best they can.


All Instrument/Music Lessons

Intrument options: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Saxophone

$50 / lesson (30 mins)
  • Master Instructor
  • AMEB Exams
  • HSC Prep.
  • Performance Opportunities
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One-on-one meet & greet with School Director

$40 / 30 mins
  • Vocal Assessment
  • Question Time
  • HSet Tuition Schedule
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One-on-one lesson with Specialised Instructor

$50 / 30 mins
  • Bespoke tuition
  • Available Mon to Sat excl. Friday
  • Solo performance opportunities
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Group Singing Tuition

$25 / 1 Hour
  • Harmonies
  • Aural Skills
  • Sight reading
  • Collaboration & FUN!
  • Performance Opportunities
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Bespoke tuition alongside 1-2 other students

$28 / 30 mins
  • Individual goals
  • Group environment
  • Solo performance opportunities
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If you are not sure where to begin, book an assessment where we will discuss your goals and objectives, assess your voice and make recommendations in terms of which classes would best develop you and help you achieve your goals.

Music Lessons for Kids

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