Musical Theatre

Sing, Dance & Act!

Focus on the performance skills of acting, dancing and singing, staging and basic choreography, improvisation, character movement, and “acting the song.”

Our Theatrical performance class will sharpen performance skills and familiarise students with a variety of age-appropriate musical theatre works.

Our fun and encouraging environment will develop confidence in all aspects of musical theatre and theatrical performance and see students performing on our quarterly Open Mic. Day concerts and Showcase stages.



1 Hour Lesson
$25 / Lesson

  • Sing, dance & act
  • Performance opportunities
  • Build confidence & expression


What can my child or I expect from your Musical Theatre lessons?
Do I have to be an advanced student to join?
What are the benefits of Musical Theatre lessons?
Can I try one class or do I have to commit to the whole term?
Do I get to perform?

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