Dance Lessons

At Sister2Ssiter School of Singing, we encourage to get lost in the rhythm. Just like singing, dance classes are a creative outlet to express yourself and embrace music. With different forms of dance existing, we combine two popular forms of dance in one class. This is available to all levels of experience and abilities.

We strive provide a safe and fun environment for students to explore the art of dance. We prioritise developing their technique, building confidence and improving their overall performance.

How Our Dance Classes Work

Our dancers are featured in our in-house concerts and events however we do not participate in eisteddfods. Our classes are encouraging and cover technical movement and choreography to promote healthy bodies and physical aweraness. We offer Jazz/Funk for beginner to intermediate students.

Why Dance with Sister2Sister?

We keep our dance classes stress free and FUN! By not participating in eisteddfods and rather performing in our own in-house concerts, we find students are more comfortable to perform routines and dance in our intimate and familiar environment. In addition to this, we have amazing staff who contribute to the overall experience for each of our dancers. They provide a fun and stress-free class that students can enjoy and have fun in, while developing at the same time.


$25 / Lesson
  • Fun & Stress-Free
  • Small Classes
  • No eisteddfods
  • Jazz and Funk


What dance styles do you offer?
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Do Dance students get to perform?
Do I have to be an advanced dancer to join?
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If you are not sure where to begin, book an assessment where we will discuss your goals and objectives, assess your voice and make recommendations in terms of which classes would best develop you and help you achieve your goals.

Dance Lessons

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