The benefits of learning to sing

The benefits of learning to sing

Sing it loud and sing it proud! Singing isn’t just a passion; it is also a beneficial activity and hobby that should be frequently embraced. With many benefits, singing is great for the body and soul. As a music school in Sydney that specialises in singing, we understand the power of singing. But do you?

Whether or not you have the voice of an angel, singing can do you a world of good physically and mentally. Don’t believe us? Even science backs it up!

Check out the list below to discover the many benefits singing can offer.

Singing can help relieve stress

One of the main reasons people like to sing is because it relieves stress. It’s a hobby many like to do professionally in singing classes or on the fly in the car or shower. Singing is known to relax and release endorphins that make us happy.

A study has found that the stress hormone, cortisol, was lowered after singing in a comfortable environment. This means playing your favourite tune and singing along can actually help relieve you of stress! This is proven whether it be solo or as a group. Think of how incredibly fun and rewarding it is to sing to your heart’s content whether it is at home alone or with a group of friends.

Singing improves your memory

Singing improves your memory

Singing focuses on multiple things at once, engaging several parts of the brain. This alone has allowed singing to be known to improve mental alertness, memory and concertation.

Not to mention, singing and just even hearing certain songs and specific lyrics can also trigger memories. This makes it a powerful tool for memories.

Singing can enhance lung functionality

That’s right; singing can even help with your lung function! Singing is a workout for the body that requires deep breathing and controlled muscle use in the respiratory system.

This has made it known to be beneficial for breathing conditions. It won’t cure conditions, but it will help build strength in your respiratory muscles. It has also been said to increase your general aerobic capacity and stamina!

Singing helps improve communication

Great for the young ones, singing lessons for kids can help with communication skills. Singing from a young age will contribute to their overall reading and writing skills. Furthermore, it can also further develop speaking abilities.

Singing won’t just improve speaking abilities for children – it can help all ages. For those who have difficulty with speaking, frequent singing has been found to stimulate multiple areas of the brain at once. It prolongs the sound in each word, encouraging pronunciation and improving speaking overall.

Singing builds confidence

Singing builds confidence

One thing many new singers can experience is stage fright. But after practice, this can be easily overcome, helping boost an individual’s confidence.

Through singing, you’re not only helping express your emotions but finding confidence in yourself too. Singing more often and even performing in front of people will help you overcome nerves and fears, improving overall self-confidence. It can even lead to improving presentation skills!

As you can see, there are many benefits to singing! It isn’t just something you enjoy – it can also help you get the most out of life!

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The benefits of learning to sing

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