Online Singing Classes

Singing is an art that should be available to all. Whether you want to improve your vocal abilities, progress your singing career, or enjoy the simple pleasures singing provides, your location shouldn’t limit your access to quality singing classes.

To improve accessibility to our services, the Sister2Sister School of Singing proudly offers singing lessons online. If you want to practice your singing but can’t commit to getting to Castle Hill, no stress. You can opt for online singing classes to get the same experience remotely.

What do singing lessons online include?

Our online singing classes provide the same experience as our face-to-face classes. It is exactly the same – just the singing lessons are online rather than in person at our Castle Hill studio. Our private singing lessons are on Skype, with group classes conducted on Zoom.

This means you can still expect the expert guidance of our teachers and a whole lot of fun! In our classes, we will still train students to learn to sing and improve their vocal abilities. This is offered to all levels – from beginners to experienced singers. All classes are a safe and fun environment where students can explore, build confidence, and improve their overall performance.

The best thing about our singing classes is that you can opt to go online anytime throughout the term. You can be remote permanently or go between online and in-person weekly at your convenience.

Your journey will still start the same, with an assessment with one of our school directors. This allows us to have a clear understanding of your strengths and challenges. During this assessment, you can also ask questions so you can get familiar with our school.

After your assessment, we will work with you to choose a class or schedule that is personalised to your needs.


Our Online Singing Classes

At Sister2Sister School of Singing, singing is our specialty. We provide online singing lessons for both kids and adults.

If you’re looking for reputable singing lessons online or in Sydney, view our singing classes below.


Vocal Ensemble Classes Online

Fun and collaborative, our vocal ensemble provides a supportive class structured to help each singer develop and grow in a group environment. Singing as a group, our singing teachers will strengthen your overall ability to harmonise and develop your aural skills. This is a fantastic option for children wanting to boost their confidence on the stage.


Private Singing Lessons Online

Perfect for all abilities, our private singing lessons provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to train your voice with one of our specialised vocal coaches. As a private class, you get one-on-one time with your instructor, who can provide bespoke tuition. This suits beginners and solo artists looking to develop their technique, learn the vocal foundations and explore artistry.


Semi-Private Singing Lessons Online

Bespoke tuition, our semi-private singing lessons are in small groups with 1-2 other students, offering the benefits of one-on-one lessons in a group environment. This is ideal for solo performers looking to expand and develop their vocals while still achieving individual goals and development and offering solo opportunities.


Check out the prices of our online singing lessons below. We also offer singing lessons on-site in our Sydney studio. Our singing lessons are for all ages, including kids and adults.


One-on-one meet & greet with School Director

$40 / 30 mins
  • Vocal Assessment
  • Question Time
  • Set Tuition Schedule
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One-on-one lesson with Specialised Instructor

$50 / 30 mins
  • Bespoke tuition
  • Available Mon to Sat excl. Friday
  • Solo performance opportunities
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Group Singing Tuition

$25 / 1 Hour
  • Harmonies
  • Aural Skills
  • Sight reading
  • Collaboration & FUN!
  • Performance Opportunities
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Bespoke tuition alongside 1-2 other students

$28 / 30 mins
  • Individual goals
  • Group environment
  • Solo performance opportunities
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If you are not sure where to begin, book an assessment where we will discuss your goals and objectives, assess your voice and make recommendations in terms of which classes would best develop you and help you achieve your goals.

Online Singing Classes

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