Little Sister Little Mister

****FREE COMMUNITY PROGRAM!! We are offering our exciting SINGING, DANCING and MUSIC Program for 3 & 4 year olds completely FREE.

Little Sister Little Mister is our exclusive 10 week program for 3 & 4 year old BOYS and GIRLS designed to introduce our little ones to the joy and benefits of SINGING, DANCING & MUSIC!

Our program gently encourages our littlest students to identity pitches while singing scales with the piano while learning about dynamics, rhythm and the basic elements of MUSIC.

They will also move their bodies to pre-choreographed DANCE routines and experiment with MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and fun, colourful props to develop co-ordination through movement and music.

We are offering 2 FREE classes starting next Term on Saturdays at 9am and 12:30pm.

Maximum 10 students per class, spaces are STRICTLY LIMITED so call 96807464 or email to reserve your space. First in best dressed.